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Great Cause: Golden Hill CC's Ian Bees and Martin Allen raising money for Prostate Cancer UK!

I think I speak for all members of the club when I say that the biggest and most important win for the club this year took place in April, just before the league season kicked off, when long-standing member and 4th team wicket keeper Ian Bees was able to share that he had received the all clear from his consultant after having been diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2021.

After being diagnosed and while undergoing treatment, Ian was able to tackle the disease head on with help and advice from Prostate Cancer UK and the fabulous NHS. He is now keen to raise not only funds but also awareness about prostate cancer. To this end, Ian and fellow Golden Hill Cricket Club member and friend, Martin Allen, will be donning their lycra and setting off on the 60-mile Great Weston Ride from Bristol to Weston-super-Mare via the Mendips and the Somerset Levels. The Great Weston Ride has been partnering with Prostate Cancer UK for over a decade and helps raise money and awareness for this great cause.

This will not be the first time Ian and Martin have participated in the event, which is organised by long-time friend of Golden Hill Darren McKimm, but for Ian the GWR challenge will no doubt have taken on a new meaning this year.

You can head over to Ian and Martin's Justgiving page here to make a donation to Prostate Cancer UK now so that they can continue to help others who find themselves in the situation Ian was in last year. You can also support the lads by signing up to ride with them. Simply sign up over at the Great Weston Ride website. Whilst the ride is challenging, it is also very enjoyable as you pass through beautiful scenery as you head across the Mendips before ending up at the seafront in Weston-super-Mare.

And, of course, don't forget to stay vigilant and keep an eye on changes to your own body. Prostate cancer affects 1 in 8 men and the earlier you catch it, the greater the chance of a cure. Prostate cancer can be sneaky and not everyone will experience any symptoms. You can learn more about the signs and symptoms to keep an eye out for over at the Prostate Cancer UK website here.

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