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GHCC Announcement: 2023 Senior Captains

Following the recent AGM, we are delighted to announce that the following club members have been nominated to fulfil the captain and vice-captain roles for the various Golden Hill CC sides for the 2023 season! Good luck!

Senior Men:

1st XI:

Captain: Daz Ahmed

Vice-Captain: Josh Beale

2nd XI:

Captain: Ash Bonynge-Pearce

Vice-Captain: John Colley

3rd XI:

Captain: Jack Spicer

Vice-Captain: Martin Jones

4th XI:

Captain: Sandy Fraser-Tytler

Vice-Captain: Chris Cowley & Ian Bees

5th XI:

Captain: Gerry Davis

Vice-Captain: Pete Dempsey

6th XI:

Captain: Steve Millman

Vice-Captain: Ash Forbes & Joe Bees

7th XI:

Captain: Chris Drew

Vice-Captain: Sanjay Sampat

Senior Women:

1st XI:

Captain: Emma Hunter

2nd XI:

Captain: Millie Chaplin

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