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The Girls' Youth Cricket section at Golden Hill Cricket Club was formed in 2016 by an enthusiastic group of parents. Since then, we have seen many girls develop as individuals, gaining both confidence and leadership skills through their cricket.
The Golden Hill Girls' set-up helps maintain friendships from junior school age and right through to senior school.


Cricket encourages girls to be active and develop an enjoyment of sports while also providing opportunities to form strong bonds and create a fantastic team spirit.​​


At Golden Hill Cricket Club, we introduce girls to the game of cricket from Year 1 through softball cricket (kwik cricket games and exercises).


Everyone has the opportunity to be involved and no kit is required.


At Golden Hill Cricket Club, the focus is on fun and enjoyment.


Our girls' and women's sides now account for nearly 25% of our membership (or around 100 playing members).


The registration covers the whole year from winter training which typically starts in late January through to July/August – some years, games are also played in September.

Taster Sessions

Taster sessions​​ - anyone joining us for the first time is welcome to come along for a few weeks of free tester sessions before committing. Should you decide to join, there will be a registration fee and an annual membership fee to cover the cost of the coloured club kit.

Waiting List

You can sign up for the Waiting List here we will get in touch with you for further information when a space becomes available. If you have any questions about the youth set-up, membership or joining an age group, please email

Club Policies

The club operates within the ECB guidelines set out in the​​ ‘Safe Hands – Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children’​​ and in accordance with any other relevant guidelines. Full details and our policies can be found on this website. Details about the Golden Hill Cricket Club Safeguarding Team can be found here.

How to find us

Indoor training​​ – Orchard School, Filton Road, Bristol, BS7 0XZ.
Outdoor training and home games​​ - Golden Hill Sports Ground, Wimbledon Road, Bristol, BS6 7YA.
Please note that an entrance gate is also at the top of Henleaze Park Drive.


Giving girls a chance

The ethos of the girls' cricket at Golden Hill is to give “girls a chance and to encourage participation”.

Join us

For any queries about the girls' youth set-up or if you are interested in joining, please e-mail

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