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Welcome to Golden Hill Sports

Welcome to Golden Hill Sports, home of Bristol YMCA CC

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Welcome to Golden Hill Sports and Social Club. We are located about 3 miles north of Bristol city centre in a pleasant residential area. The cricket arm of the club is known as Bristol YMCA Cricket Club due to its historical connections with the charity of the same name, however no official links remain.

With two pitches, the 'YM' runs five Saturday senior sides in the Bristol & District Cricket League and have a youth policy which rivals any local club; it is one of the biggest and most successful in the region. In addition the club also puts out a midweek XI playing T20 matches on summer evenings, and an indoor side which competes in the Bristol Indoor Cricket League during the winter months. We run a comprehensive youth programme for boys with opportunities to progress through the sides, along with a successful women's side and a hugely popular girls programme. So we probably have a team to suit your ability, age or gender. Come and join our friendly and welcoming club; membership for adults is £50 and for youth team players £40. Match fees are £10.00/£5.00. Click here for details of how to contact us.

Balcony Works - week 6

The Grass in front of the balcony grew a bit... <message ends>
You want more you say? Oh ok, the deposit for the balustrading has been paid, the steel was ordered and the fabrication is in progress.
The bay in front of the staircase will accommodate sponsors boards and a clock. This has been assembled by our friendly builder who is staining and painting it at regular intervals before mounting it between the uprights.
Difficult to photograph this weeks progress, however, exciting photos coming soon!



Simon White remains an essential member of the club as both a Vice Chairman and groundsman.
A few weeks ago he advised the Trustees that the gang mowers will need more than just their regular service and sharpening this year, as several of the major elements need replacing. The cost to the club will be in the region or £3000 for parts with labour on top, but as the alternative is either new or second hand ones, which are two or three times this figure, we gave him the go ahead to get the repairs done. These are essential pieces of equipment without which we could not prepare the wickets and outfield. The wicket mower will also be serviced at a cost of £500.
We're grateful to Simon for getting our kit in good shape for the season ahead and for ensuring we're making our funds go further!

The Women's Cricket World Cup is coming with Bristol's Brightside Ground playing 
centre stage. Here's the final match schedule with eight games at GCCC, England feature in four of them.