2018 Golden Hill Girls Cricket

Golden Hill Girls is the girls cricket arm of Golden Hill Sports/Bristol YMCA Cricket Club. Girls Cricket was formed in 2016 by enthusiastic parents keen to give their daughters and girls generally a chance to play the fantastic team sport of cricket. The ethos of the girls cricket is to give “girls a chance and to encourage participation”.

Golden Hill Sports supports;Summer Season Starts:
Girls cricket training in 2018 will be held every Wednesday starting on 18th April from 6pm to roughly 7.15pm (depending on the weather we do tend to go on longer) at the main Golden Hill Ground, BS6 7YA – entrance via top of Henleaze Park Drive or Wimbledon Road.

Wednesday is Girls and Ladies Cricket at Golden Hill
The training nights will be slightly different this year as we do have quite a lot of games being played on Wednesdays as well as the normal training.

For those girls not involved with games we will have enough space to still carry out training – using the nets or the remaining parts of the ground (the boundary line is a lot smaller for youth cricket).

Current Membership
We currently have 52 members however we are always receiving new enquiries and we expect this to increase to around 70,

Age Range – Year 3 upwards
We start generally start at year 3 (the only exception being if have specific parent help for younger years).  As in previous years we hope to have a new group of Year 3 girls.   There is no upper age limit.



Lady Taverners Trophy – Festival at Golden Hill 10th June

We will be hosting the U11 Lady Taverners Trophy on Sunday 10th June.  Would appreciate your help in running the event e.g. serving teas/coffees and cakes; making cakes.

Golden Hill Girls are the current holders of the U11 Lady Taverners Trophy

Under 11’s Friendly Cricket (any one under 11 on the 1/9/2017)
New for 2018 is an Under 11’s Friendly league. The games are generally on a Wednesday evening or Sunday morning.  We also have the festivals, girls blast and the Lady Taverner’s competition.

The festivals are friendly tournaments which are held on Sunday Mornings starting at 10am and finishing at around mid day. These are really enjoyable events and we generally have a picnic lunch afterwards!

Date Home Team Away Team Fixture Type Start Time
29/04/18 Stoke Bishop Golden Hill Girls Friendly 10:00
06/05/18 Marshfield Festival Golden Hill Girls Festival 10:00
13/05/18 Cheltenham CC Golden Hill Girls Friendly 10:00
13/05/18 Frenchay Festival Golden Hill Girls Festival 10:00
16/05/18 Frenchay CC –  Fireflies Golden Hill Girls Friendly 18:00
23/05/18 Golden Hill Girls Charlton Kings CC Friendly 18:00
06/06/18 Golden Hill Girls Frampton On Severn CC Friendly 18:00
10/06/18 Golden Hill – Lady Taveners Festival Teams entering Lady Taverners Festival 10:00
17/06/18 Golden Hill Girls Marshfield CC – Girls Under 11 Friendly 10:00
24/06/18 Frampton On Severn Festival Golden Hill Girls Festival 10:00
27/06/18 Bristol Phoenix CC – Under 11 Golden Hill Girls Friendly 18:00
08/07/18 Dumbleton Festival Golden Hill Girls Festival 10:00
11/07/18 Golden Hill Girls Brislington CC – Girls Under 11 Friendly 18:00
15/07/18 Girls Blast Golden Hill Girls Festival 10:00

Under 13’s League Cricket (any one under 13 on the 1/9/2017)
New for Golden Hill Girls this year is league cricket.  We have the Girls U13’s league (fixtures shown in BLUE) and our U13 Girls are playing in the U11’s Boys Youth League (shown in Black).  Also shown is the BYCL cup – first round (RED) and Lady Taverners Competition (which is at Frampton Upon Severn). The games are generally on a Wednesday evening or Sunday morning with the odd alternative day as shown.

Date Day Home Team Away Team Fixture Type Start Time
30/04/18 Monday Bitton Golden Hill Girls Youth Leaque 18:00
02/05/18 Wednesday Bristol Phoenix CC – Under 13 Golden Hill Girls U13 league 18:00
09/05/18 Wednesday Golden Hill Girls Bedminster BYCL CUP 18:00
13/05/18 Sunday Golden Hill Girls Marshfield Girls Under 13 U13 league 10:00
16/05/18 Wednesday Golden Hill Girls Frampton Cotterell Youth Leaque 18:00
23/05/18 Wednesday Stoke Bishop Girls – Under 13 Golden Hill Girls U13 league 18:00
30/05/18 Wednesday Hambrook Golden Hill Girls Youth Leaque 18:00
06/06/18 Wednesday Golden Hill Girls Chippenham Girls Under 13 U13 league 18:00
10/06/18 Sunday Frenchay Heat – Girls Golden Hill Girls Youth Leaque 10:00
14/06/18 Thursday Stapleton Golden Hill Girls Youth Leaque 18:00
19/06/18 Tuesday Frenchay CC – Girls Under 12 Golden Hill Girls U13 league 18:00
20/06/18 Wednesday Thornbury “Blue” Golden Hill Girls Youth Leaque 18:00
27/06/18 Wednesday Golden Hill Girls Hanham Youth Leaque 18:00
01/07/18 Sunday Lady Taverners Golden Hill Girls Lady Taverners 10:00
04/07/18 Wednesday Golden Hill Girls Downend Youth Leaque 18:00
08/07/18 Sunday Bath CC – Girls Under 13 Girls U13 U13 league 10:00
11/07/18 Wednesday Golden Hill Girls Brislington Girls Under 13 U13 league 18:00

We currently have 6 players – not enough to play competitive games.

Playing a cricket game rather than training each week is much more fun so we are working on plans to get our 15’s more opportunities.

U15’s Girls playing in the U13’s boy’s league.
There is an invitation for the girls to play some games for our boys U13’s team so they can get some game time.   A chance to show the boys some GIRL POWER!

 U15’s Girls playing in the U13s Girls league
The league advises that they do not have any strong objections to the girls playing in the Under 13 league….however, it does mean that it is in conflict with one of the league rules, so the opposition manager would have to be in agreement that the girls could play and this be organised ahead of the fixture.

Ladies softball
Last year quite a few ladies joined in the fun and played some soft ball cricket on Wednesdays.  We organised a bowling coach to assist.  We hope this will continue this year.
There are some friendly festivals around the district and it would be great if we could enter one. Come on you ladies!

Play Cricket
For U13’s league cricket and the recent indoor games we need to record team selection, individual scores and the final results on a website called Play Cricket; we can be found under the Bristol YMCA.

Our Website
I would ask all parents and coaches to help contribute to the website content so we can share all the good news, photographs and events.

Welcome to new coaches
The same old faces are of course going to be there; but I am delighted to welcome new volunteers which is important as the size of the girls cricket continues to grow.
Welcome to:
Charlie Bending, Catherine Bhunt, Manu Vasupanicker and Lionel Harris

Allocation of coaches: to start the season off in a organised format we have allocated coaches to the following teams.

Under 15’s – Liz Jenkins

Under 13’s Girls League – Chris Drew and Simon Granville George

Under 13’s Girls in the BYCL league- Jamie Woodworth, Jim Fitzgerald

Under 11’s Girls in the U11 Friendly league – Nick Terrett, Rob Dunthorne,

Training nights – quite simply everyone else

First Aiders
Our qualified first aiders are Lisa, Kelly and Viv. We would welcome additional names.

Sign in registration
For the summer training sessions all girls are required to sign in and sign out for each training session in line with our child welfare procedures.

When playing in a organised game there is no signing in procedures and we will know who to expect and who arrives from the team sheet.

There is also a registration form to complete every year to make sure that we have up to date information. Please click here to register. Please re-register even if you have already completed this for the winter training.

Subscriptions and Gift Aid
Girls Cricket summer season subscriptions are:
Under 15’s and 13’s – £50  – this reflects the need for the girls to play on prepared cricket strips which require a lot of preparation, repair and maintenance

Under 11’s and 9’s – £40 – this relates to the soft ball activities which can be set up anywhere on the ground

Please can you pay by internet banking using the following Sort Code 30-00-01 Account number 02926191

** We are a registered charity and would ask that all members provide a gift aid form to be signed by parents.  If you have completed one previously a new form is not required. Please return forms to Chris Drew – a scanned copy to chris.drew333@icloud.com will be fine.

Taster sessions
Anyone joining us for the first time is of course welcome and the first few weeks are free taster sessions to see if you enjoy the cricket.

Under 11 – playing softball kwik cricket – we have all the equipment

Under 13s and 15s playing hardball – we are encouraging players to start purchasing their own kit.  It really helps that you have a helmet that fits nicely and that the bat is the right size and weight for your daughter.  Pads and gloves can be obtained at Sports Direct very cheaply!

We have a small general supply of all the equipment.

Team Shirts etc
We will provide you with a team shirt (we do ask these to be returned if you daughter no longer plays).If your daughter has outgrown her team shirt we can arrange a swap for a bigger size.  Please let me know.

Trousers – Navy tracksuit bottoms is the recommended combination

Parents – please get involved and don’t forget a drink after Wednesday training
We really need parents to help and to lessen the burden on a few!   Activities ranging from pre match warm ups – catching drills, providing half time refreshments, scoring.

Girls Cricket tends to be a social gathering with the Bar in the Club House being used as a welcome refresher after the training sessions.

Scoring – training for parents
First game of the season we are suggesting a scoring lesson for parents.  Please let me know if you are willing

We need to provide a new match ball for each league and the cost of this soon adds up. We are looking match day sponsorship  i.e. companies sponsoring the match ball for say £20. Please let me know if your business can support us.

For the last two years Girls Cricket played a big role in Party in the Park by running stalls, giving donations of cakes and selling raffle tickets.  This year’s event will be on Saturday 15th September – please keep the date free.  We do ask all girls, their parents and their families to help, and to support Party in the Park.

Mums v Girls – End of Season (Cricket Teas and Games) 18th July – not to be missed!

Womens Cricket at the Brightside Ground:

Thu 28 Jun South Africa v New Zealand & England v New Zealand Brightside Ground, Bristol Women’s International T20 – Tri Series
Sat 11 Aug Western Storm v Southern Vipers Brightside Ground, Bristol Women’s Kia Super League

Club policies
The club operates within the ECB guidelines set out in the ‘Safe Hands – Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children’ and in accordance with any other relevant guidelines.  Full details can be found on www.goldenhillsports.com

Our child welfare officer is Tony Huszlicska; who can be contacted on 07719 323532 or at anthony383@btinternet.com

Looking forward to a summer of cricket!

 Please come along and join in the fun

 Chris and the Golden Hill Girls coaches