Umpire Recruitment 2018

As you are aware, your Umpires (& Scorers) Association has run a campaign during 2017 to increase the awareness of the alarming lack of umpires coming into the game of cricket. It has to be said that the results, so far, have been more than disappointing. However, BACUS will continue with our efforts to do all that is possible to address and reverse the alarming trend.

As the 2018 season approaches, we appeal once again to all regional clubs for your support and action. We remain in the position, at this time, where it appears unlikely that we shall be able to appoint umpire members to more than a handful of Saturday games in the B&D league and WEPL tier 3 may also be affected.

BACUS remains convinced that the best umpires are those who have played before. Therefore, if you know of any club members who are currently thinking of reducing or ending their playing days, we ask that you approach and encourage them to consider standing as an umpire for at least ONE season.

All information needed to take this first step is available on the BACUS and ECB website together with full details of forthcoming training courses early in the New Year. Links are as follows: or

Furthermore, if you or any members of your club’s committee hold any alternative ideas on how we might interest or recruit potential new umpire members, then please let us know by return as soon as possible as all avenues will be looked at and exploited.

For Bristol ACU&S

Peter Ogborne

Peter Ogborne (Umpire Member & Executive Committee Member)