Club Dignitaries


Mr G K V Mulholland esq

Vice Presidents;

Mr S R Sutor esq, Mr S Buckland esq, Mr R S Cork esq, Mr L C Harris esq, Mr A G Bracey esq, Mr R J Parsons esq, Mr Brian Dury esq and Mr Simon White esq.

Honorary Members;

Dave Tooze, Ken Williams, Colin Sexstone, Tony Spreadbury, Tim Hancock, Bobby Gould and Roger Milford.

Life Members;

Don Stone, Mike Lawrence, Dave May, Pete Wride, John Colley, Chris Drew, Brian Dury, Ed Hollinghurst, Tony Huszlicska, Keith Milsom, Gerry Mulholland, Shaun Parker, Andy Spicer, James Steven and Simon White

Interested in being a life member? Becoming a Life Member of Bristol YMCA CC is one of the most beneficial and committed acts a player or supporter can offer his/her cricket club. To find out more about the life membership scheme please contact Keith Milsom at